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Green Juice

In the present day, health as well as fitness has become a major concern for many people. They make sure to maintain a proper diet and exercise regularly to keep themselves fit. Additionally, there is something or the other that comes into the health and fitness market almost every day. One such latest thing is – the green juice. It is one of the latest wellness and healthy trends that is in the market for quite some time now. You can see many celebrities, foodies, wellness and lifestyle bloggers or social media influencers are talking about this drink and consuming it. So, what is this green juice? How is it beneficial? We will discuss everything along with some of the best product reviews below. Read on to know more.

What is green juice?

The green juice, as the name suggests, is a healthy juice that is green in color. This is because it is mainly made up of all the green ingredients such as – kale, celery, cucumber, spinach, mint, parsley and many more. There is no particular official recipe for this juice. People prepare this beverage mixing different green vegetables according to their own preferences. Because of the presence of the best ingredients in this green juice, experts say that it can offer some great health benefits.

Though the green juice, made at home, may taste a tad bitter, it is very healthy and great for your body. Most of the green juice recipes contain some fruits in small quantity that may or may not be in the color green. The fruits are added to add sweetness to the beverage. Some of the most used fruits are – kiwi, apples, grapefruit, berries and lemons. Green juice is often considered as nutrient-dense superfood with lots of great benefits. It is often termed as the ‘green elixir‘ too.

Health benefits of green juices

Loaded with many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fiber, potassium and many more phytonutrients, the green juice is quite healthy. If you want to start a healthy diet to take care of your body and health, start by going green i.e. the green juice. You may already know that the leafy vegetables along with some fruits can be quite healthy. This juice, undoubtedly, comes with loads of health and lifestyle benefits. Due to the presence of the greens,

this juice also contains some plant-based enzymes that are much-needed for your body. Some of the benefits of the green juice are:

microorganisms, often called good bacteria. These can help in the process of digestion. Hence, the green juices help in keep in your gut healthy improving the digestion process at the same time.


  1. Helps in detoxification


One of the main things that people must do to keep their body healthy and fit is detoxification. The best way to detoxify your body is by consuming green juices. You can read below to know the reviews of the best green juices available in the market. The juice made up of greens can help you to wash away all the toxins from different parts of your body such as liver, stomach, kidney etc. When your stomach, liver and kidney are properly detoxified, it can help you to have a clean body. Detoxification means purifying your blood too. It is essential to sooth your body and make your feel good from inside. It can also help in improving your skin and hair.


  1. Enhance the immunity


To fight against the diseases, you have to ensure that your immune system is very strong. There are some ways to build the immunity. Among them, drinking green juice is one of the best ways. It can help you in improving your immunity as it contains high amount of Vitamin C in it. Green juice is a great source of water-soluble Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidant can help in improving the immunity efficiently. It helps in reducing the oxidative damages of your cells and it can also heal the bruises and cuts. Adding a dash of lemon juice to the green juice can enhance the taste as well as add a bit of more Vitamin C to it. It can also help in aiding the metabolic functions.


  1. Helps to keep your body hydrated


The best part of the green juice is that it contains a lot of water in it. This can provide you with great hydration. In the morning, when you wake up, you stay low in energy, most of the time. Your body too craves for some water. Instead of tea of coffee, if you choose having a glass of green juice, it is a healthier option. It can help you to flush out your systems detoxifying it and also keeps them hydrated. Right amount of hydration is very much essential for your body to keep it perfectly functioning and healthy.


  1. Anti-aging property and healthy skin


Who doesn’t like to have a healthy, glowing skin? Well, the answer is everyone. Whatever we put inside our body, we see it on our skin and hair. Hence, experts ask to eat fresh green veggies and lots of fruits. If you are missing these on the daily basis, then you should start having green juices. It is a

Unless you are taking can of what you are putting inside your body, nothing is going to change. While the expensive creams, serums etc. work on outside of the skin keeping it healthy and beautiful temporarily, green juice provides a more permanent solution.


Here are some of the ways by which the green juice can help in making your skin beautiful and healthy from inside:


  • As the green juice provides hydration, it provides hydration to your skin and hair which is much needed. Most of the time, skin problems start when the skin is dehydrated. With the right amount of hydration, it can help you to make your skin better and healthier.
  • The next is detoxification of your body. Toxins in your body can cause impure blood which can result in acne and blisters on your skin. If you want to get a glowing and healthy skin, detoxification is important. High fiber content in the green juice can help you to wash away the toxins from your body.
  • The green juice contains some of the green veggies that help in repairing the collagen present in your skin. This can successfully help in delaying the process of aging which helps in reducing the unwanted irritation on your skin too.
  • Being loaded with antioxidants, the green juice can help to prevent the degeneration of the cell. This helps in maintaining a youthful appearance of the skin. The vitamin C present in the greens can help in detoxification and providing antioxidants to your skin.
  • Some of the green leaves such as kale contain omega-3 fatty acids that contain high anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can help in reducing the inflammation of different parts of your body improving the skin and hair condition.
  • Few green juices contain beet in it which works for cleansing your blood as well as the liver. This can have a great impact on your skin and hair. Also, the beet is rich in iron, zinc and folic acid which can be a good potion for maintaining beautiful skin and hair.


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