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Make your green juice or buy it?

Make your green juice or buy it?


You can make green juice at your home. Simply add some of the beneficial green leafs such as spinach and kale with some green veggies like cucumber, celery etc. Now you can add some lemon juice if you want to enhance the taste along with few fruits. Blend it all in a blender and your green smoothie/juice is ready to drink. If you don’t want to make the green juice every day, then you have alternative options too.


As the fitness is become a serious topic, the fitness and wellness industry is coming up with different amazing products that can keep you healthy and fit too. Green juice is also available in forms of powder mix, capsules and compressed juice (ready to drink). These are much more convenient options for the ones who are always in hurry in the morning and don’t really get much time to prepare green juice. Here is the detailed information about these 3 types:


This green superfood powder mix is completely organic in nature. It is a certified organic product by CCOF. It doesn’t contain any added sugar, gluten and GMO. It is 100% vegan i.e. plant based. All you need is just one scoop of this powder and mix it well with 8 ounce of water. Prepare the juice or the smoothie and drink it in the morning. Some of the ingredients present in this powder are organic wheat grass, alfalfa, barley grass, spinach, chlorella, broccoli, pure acai, carrot, beet, pineapple, green tea and raspberry along with flax seed and peppermint. The amazing combination of ingredients makes this green juice quite tasty and healthy.


  1. Orgain Organic Green Superfoods Powder: Original


With the perfect mixture of veggies, fruits, sprouts, berries, grasses, greens and many more, this superfood green powder mix is surely one of the best one available in the market. This powder blend contains high amount of probiotics along with 6 grams of organic dietary fibers and lots of antioxidants. It is a complete USDA organic product. It is also vegan and lactose free. For the people who are completely vegan, this can be a perfect choice for them as it is 100% vegan besides being gluten free, soy free and non GMO. It doesn’t contain any additional sweeteners or artificial ingredients.


Some of the main ingredients of this green juice powder are – wheatgrass, turmeric, spinach, barley grass, kale, millet, beets, ginger, chia seed, broccoli, acai and flax seed. It is quite healthy and it can be a perfect drink for supplying nourishment and nutrients to your body. It is ideal for the people who want extra energy throughout the day and for boosting the antioxidant level. You can mix this into water or even in any juice to prepare a healthy and tasty green juice. This is the original flavor and another one that is available is the berry one. It comes with one billion probiotics to keep your gut healthy and digestive system efficient and functional.


  1. V8 Healthy Green Juices, 12 fl. Ounce


If you don’t want the powder mix and want something that you can just drink straight away or while being on the go, then this is the ideal one. You can choose this healthy green juice for your green intake. The green juice is available in 12 ounce in a bottle from where you can drink. There is no artificial sweeteners added and it is very low in sugar content. Also, there is no added sugar. It is made by the juices of different vegetables as well as fruits. It is very high in vitamin A and C as well as antioxidants.



  1. Garden of Life Green Superfood Powder: Lemon Ginger


The green juice is definitely the most important drink of your day. As it is super healthy, you have to ensure that you are investing in one of the best ones. This is a great green superfood juice powder with lemon and ginger in it to enhance the taste. Loaded with all the vital nutrients and main ingredients along with lemon and ginger, it is a perfect combination of great taste and amazing health benefits. This is a pack full of organic grass juice that comes with antioxidant and raw organic fruit and veggies. It helps in keeping your body highly alkalized. Along with that it comes with organic lemon juice and organic parsley.


It is low-temperature dried whole leaf concentration powder which helps in cleansing your body i.e. detoxification and also helps in balancing the alkalinity. It is an electrolyte supplement which comes with the raw organic coconut water for perfect hydration. It also offers electrolyte replenishment. This green juice powder offers digestive support with the probiotics and enzymes in it. This is 100% vegan with certified organic products. As the vegan people avoid dairy, this is a perfect product for them. It is soy free and dairy free. Also, it doesn’t contain any preservatives and it is 100% safe to consume.


  1. MacroLife Naturals Organic Green Powder


People who are looking for a weight loss regime or goal, they can focus on this product. It is one of the best organic and vegan green powdered supplement which can be blended with water. With all the vitamins, herbs and minerals in it, this powdered supplement is a perfect combination of taste and great benefits. Enriched with true power of the greens, this superfood green supplement contains a total of 38 nutrient-rich ingredients. This green powder contains organic barley grass, millions of probiotics and spirulina in it. A spoon or two of this powder into some water can help you to add vital nutrients in your diet. It can increase your immune system.


This green superfood powder, when mixed with water, forms the green juice that can naturally boost the energy. It helps in supporting the healthy weight loss as well as it helps in improving the immunity. This green juice can help in improving the health of your body by promoting gentle detox. You can successfully nourish the body with the help of this green juice which contains non-GMO antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals. Some of the best ingredients present are- barley grass, grape seed extract, Aloe Vera, Chlorella, organic flax seeds etc. All these ingredients help to keep your gut healthy and cleanser the colon.


  1. Garden Greens Celery PowerThis is another great product that you opt for if you are looking for the best ready to drink green juice mix. The main motive of this green juice mix is to energize, cleanse and alkalize. It contains high amount of antioxidants that help in providing great energy to your body. Also, the high fiber content and the enzymes help in detoxification of the body thoroughly. The probiotic blend can keep your gut healthy with the beneficial bacteria in it. This is a perfect blend of organic greens that help in boosting the energy. All you have to do is to mix only one scoop of this powder mix into 8 ounce of water or juice.The top benefits of this green juice mix are providing clean energy, boosting vitality, cleansing, detoxing and boosting immunity system. Besides giving all these benefits, it also has a natural berry taste which feels delicious. Some of the active green ingredients of the mix are – broccoli, spinach, alfalfa, wheat grass, barley grass, kale, parsley, oat grass and many more along with some health fruits and veggies. The main ingredients that provide antioxidants are – beet, apple, carrot, blueberry, Goji Berry, raspberry, pineapple etc. You can try this and you will surely love it.


    1. 7-Select Organic Pressed Clean & Green Juice


    This is another product which is available in juice form. It is a cold-pressed raw green juice made up of 100% vegetables and fruits. It is completely free from artificial preservatives, flavors and colors. It is a USDA certified organic product which is made up of lime, parsley, celery, spinach, mint, apple, cucumber and kale. This cold-pressed raw green juice is full if goodness and it is all vegan and completely free of gluten. A perfect balance of nutrition present in this green juice helps you to get the much needed vitamins, minerals and antioxidants on daily basis.


    This bottle of green juice contains 14 fl. Ounce of juice which is perfectly blended and designed to provide complete nutritional balance. It offers a good taste even though there are no added flavors or sweetener in it. You will definitely feel 100% satisfied with this green juice. All the ingredients present in this cold pressed green juice helps in different ways. Some helps in detoxification and cleansing, while some of the ingredients help in boosting the digestive system and recover. It is a healthy choice that you can make choosing this product.


    1. Country Farms Super Green Juice Mix


    This is another option that you can choose for your daily green juice intake. This green juice mix contains 50 superfood concentrates that can help you to get a hassle-free healthy green juice. It contains wheat grass, lots of greens, berries, beets and spirulina. It also contains mushroom in it. You will get 4 gram of fiber from the real vegetable and fruits. The prebiotics and probiotics present in the green juice mix can help you in aiding the digestion. It can help in boosting the energy level too.

    As much as you will like to enhance the taste of the green juice, added sugar or sweetener can have an adverse impact on your health. Green juice is mainly for your fitness, wellness and healthy lifestyle. Adding sugar or artificial sweetener can ruin the whole essence of the healthy green juice. So, make sure to avoid any products that contain sugar or sweetener in it.


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