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How green juice makes your skin & hair better?

How green juice makes your skin & hair better?


As mentioned earlier, the green juice can help in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. But how is it possible? There is no doubt that green juice is the ultimate and the perfect solution to get a glowing skin. No matter how many creams, serums and skin treatments you try, nothing is going to last long.


  • Powder mix: It is actually a mix of all the greens in powder form. You just have to mix it with the regular water and drink it up. It is similar to that of the homemade green juice. But when you are buying such a powder mix, make sure to check that it doesn’t contain any added sugar. The quantity to mix in a glass of water may vary from one type to another.
  • Compressed juice: This is simply the green juice which is available in compressed form in a bottle. So, it is available in the form of ready to drink without the need of mixing it anywhere. You can simply open the bottle and enjoy the soothing and refreshing drink. They are available in different tastes and ingredient combination which you can choose according to your needs.
  • Capsules: You must have already heard of the supplements that are available in the market which helps in enhancing your energy, healthy and many more. Well, green juice is also available in form of capsules that you can take every day in a particular dosage as mentioned by the experts. This is perfect for the travellers. As you may not be able to get green veggies everywhere or carrying the powder mix bottle can be too bulky for your travel.


If you are wondering which one to buy for your consumption, then don’t worry! We are here with complete reviews about different green juice products available in the market in different forms. We have provided a full overview of each and every product that you can consider.

Reviews of the green juice products


As you have already got the idea about how beneficial this green juice is for your health, you must ensure that you have it every day. You can consume it in different forms and we will discuss green juice products in various forms. When you are consuming green juice, you have to ensure that you are consuming the best product loaded with goodness and essential nutrients. There are many products available in the market that claim to �green juice’ but may not be. Worry not as we have provided you the detailed information about all the trustworthy and reliable products available. These are

Reviews of the green juice products


As you have already got the idea about how beneficial this green juice is for your health, you must ensure that you have it every day. You can consume it in different forms and we will discuss green juice products in various forms. When you are consuming green juice, you have to ensure that you are consuming the best product loaded with goodness and essential nutrients. There are many products available in the market that claim to �green juice’ but may not be. Worry not as we have provided you the detailed information about all the trustworthy and reliable products available. These are:

  1. Amazing Grass Green Superfood: The Original

This is one of the most popular products that you can find in the market. It is a perfect addition for your daily healthy diet. It is available in form of powder which you have to mix it in water and stir it well before drinking. It provides you with the daily greens along with the nutrients from other veggies and fruits. It is a perfect combination of health and wellness. It is crafted by total 7 alkalizing fresh green straight from the farm. It is highly rich in nutrients and also quite delicious. It can help you in feeling amazing throughout the day.

Some of the major ingredients of this ready-to-drink green juice are – spinach, yellow carrots, citric acid, celery, cucumber juice, apples, pineapples, kale, lettuce, green pepper juice and watermelon juice. It doesn’t contain any preservatives or artificial flavors. So, when you drink this green juice, all you are having is a blend of varieties of green veggies and fruits that can help you to keep your body healthy. This drink can be consumed once in a day to keep yourself hydrated and too boost your immunity. As it is high in antioxidant, this juice can help you to provide extra energy.


  1. Garden of Life Green Superfood Juice Capsules

reviews, you have heard about the powder mix as well as the juice. But this is a green juice in form of dietary supplement capsules. First of all, there are 100% natural and completely safe to consume whole food dietary capsules. This capsule is a green superfood supplement which is packed with greens, vegetable juices, sprouts etc. This raw form of the veggies, green leaves and fruits can provide you with a raw energy. This capsule is highly in natural enzymes, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids and many more phytonutrients. Overall, it helps in building a strong immune system.


Besides that, it also helps in supporting healthy digestion, proper detoxification, maintaining right blood sugar level and enhancing the metabolism. This capsule contains many prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes that can enhance the digestion process in your body. With the oats, barley, wheat, cereal grass and alfalfa, these green superfood capsules are surely the best one that you can have. The best part about this capsule is that it doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals in it. These capsules are completely vegan and dairy free. It is a great way to get your veggies and greens in right portion just by having a capsule every day. It is convenient and perfect for travelling.


  1. Green Foods Green Magma

Include an organic and raw green juice in your everyday diet with this. It is USDA organic barley grass juice which is super healthy and high in nutrients. It is 100% vegan and non-GMO in nature. Enjoy the green juice anywhere now with this powder mix which you can carry anywhere you travel. It contains some highly active enzymes, chlorophyll and antioxidants. The Green Food has been a quite popular brand which comes with some really healthy stuff for fitness and wellness.


This is one of the products which contains – mineral, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, flavonoids and carotenoids along with many more other valuable phytochemicals. Each and every nutrient present in this green juice powder helps and supports your body system to function efficiently. It is completely free of any animal products, yeast, soy, wheat, corn and GMO. If you want to try a great green juice powder, then this can be a great choice for you too.


If you want something convenient while being on the go as well as healthy and delicious, then this is the one for you. With all the goodness of greens and loaded with nutrients, this can be a great choice. It comes with the power of celery, the main active ingredient of this green juice. Along with the celery, it also has aloe, herbs and various fruits. The celery helps in keeping a perfect water balance in your body keeping it well hydrated all the time. This drink can promote a healthy weight loss with high water content in it and insoluble fiber. This drink is also rich in antioxidant which can provide great benefits.


Besides that, you will get lots of enzymes, minerals, coenzymes, phytosterols and vitamins that can help in boosting the immune system of your body. Moreover, it also helps in cleansing and detoxing and at the same time it can help increasing the flow of blood in your body. This is really good for a better and improved cardiovascular health. This bottle of green juice, if taken every morning, can support healthy and efficient digestion as well as reduce inflammation effectively.


  1. Naturelo Raw Greens – Wheat grass powder

With the best ingredients, this green whole food powder is surely the best one you can try. All the ingredients used in this green superfood juice powder is organic. Some of the main ingredients of this product are – acai, barley grass, spirulina, wheat grass, chlorella, kale, broccoli, spinach, goji berries and many more. It is a powerful blend of perfect ingredients that can help you to provide relief to your stress, increase the immunity power, detox your body and improve the energy level. Besides that, it can also help in making skin better providing anti-aging properties.


This whole food powder can be used for preparing a healthy green juice at home or anywhere. It is a ready to drink mix which is completely unsweetened and unflavored in nature. It contains high amount of probiotics and digestive enzymes for better digestion. Though it doesn’t contain any added sweetener or flavor, it can make a very delicious vegan smoothie. It is a perfect replacement for your coffee or tea in the morning. The blend of real veggies, herbs and fruits is great for your body, health and skin. It contains no preservatives, GMO or soy in it. For detoxification and boosting energy, this is the perfect drink that you can make for yourself.


  1. Super Greens Powder Premium


All these greens and amazing nutrients can strengthen you immune system. It is made up of 100% organic and non-GMO ingredients. It tastes delicious with 100 % natural flavors and zero additives, zero added flavors and zero preservatives. It is also gluten-free in nature. Mix a scoop of it in a glass of water to enhance your wellness. The super green juice can help in fueling your body with whole food nutrients from the green veggies, fruits and herbs. This can increase your vitality as well as health.


These are the best 12 green juice products that are available in the market right now. If you are looking for one, then you can definitely pick one from here. All these are shortlisted based on their ingredients, effectiveness, reviews and benefits.


Tips to choose the best green juice product


After all the reviews above, it is important for you to know about the basic fundamentals or factors that can help you to select the best green juice product for you. Here are some of the factors to look for:


  • No preservatives and no additives


This is very important! Preservatives and additives are never healthy and if they are added to the green juice product, it will lose its benefits. Never ever choose any green juice product that comes with any kind of preservatives. The top products mentioned above are all preservative-free.


  • No GMO


The GMO is the genetically modified organisms that are living organisms which are artificially manipulated in the laboratory. This can be done with plants too. Some of the green juice products available in the market contain GMO which is not at all good. Make sure to choose a product that particularly mentions �No-GMO’ in the container.


  • No added sugar or sweetener


The easiest and most accurate time to have the green juice is in the morning right before the breakfast. Make sure that it is the very first thing that you consume. This way, it will help in increasing the speed of detoxification. After that, take at least an hour before you start consuming coffee or any other foods. Don’t eat the green juice with the cooked meal. That is a bad idea! Give at least a time period of an hour before you start drinking or eating again. In that time, you can also go for your morning walk or do your morning workouts. In the morning, your body needs maximum hydration. With a glass or bottle full of green juice, it can start the metabolism and cleansing process quite efficiently.


Final Summary


So, it is quite evident that the green juice is quite helpful and beneficial for your health. There is no denying that it can help in weight loss, better skin and hair, improved metabolism and gut health. There are many more benefits, as mentioned above. It also keeps you full for a long time making it a perfect addition to your morning ritual. Yes, the best is to drink it first in the morning. It will give you instant boost in energy which can last for the whole day. You can always make the green juice at home and you can choose the perfect recipe according to your taste.But if you want a more convenient option that you can rely on every day, then it is better to buy a ready to drink mix or a dietary green juice capsule or even ready-to-drink juice. We have also provided with the detailed reviews of the best products that are available in the market right now. You can choose one of those or if you want to choose a different one, keep the tips mentioned above. Continue drinking the green juice and you can surely notice a huge and significant difference to your lifestyle and health. Get started right from today!



How green juice can help in weight loss?

How green juice can help in weight loss?


As much as the green veggies and leaves in the green juice can help you to stay active, healthy and fit, it can also help in weight loss. There are many people around the world who are suffering from obesity and want to put off a certain amount of weight. Even if you have excess fat and you want to get rid of it, including green juice in your diet can be quite beneficial. One of the main reasons why people add green juice to their diet is to lose weight and stay fit. Adding some of the green veggies or herbs in your green juice can help you to get rid of the excess weight. But how is that possible? Well, the green juice consists of some of the leafy greens that can do the wonder.


Leafy greens like spinach, Swiss chards, kale and collards etc. have some great properties that can help in weight loss. Moreover, they are very low in carbohydrates and calories while containing high amount of fiber. This fiber can help you speeding up your metabolism. High metabolism can lead to burning those unwanted extra calories and fats. Among all the green leafy vegetables, the best one is the kale. It is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fibers. This can help you in reviving your metabolism.


Also, the detoxification and improvement gut health can lead to weight loss. When you have an issue in your gut, it can lead to digestive problem. Digestive issues can slow down the process of metabolism to a great extent. The dietary fibers present in the green juice increase the hydration level in your body, keeps your tummy clean and helps in aiding the digestive system. Besides that, high intake of fibers can curb your cravings and appetite a lot.


Another reason why green juice can help in weight loss is because it provides extra energy. By boosting your energy, it allows you to exercise or do your workouts for a longer session. As we all know, exercise can efficiently and effectively help in losing significant weight by getting rid of the extra fats in your body. Hence, a perfect combination of exercise and healthy diet can make you loss those extra pounds. It is 100% natural and has no side effects. So, add this to your healthy morning routine and enjoy every bit of it. Read the reviews of the green juice products below to opt for the best one that you will like to try.

BEST Green Juice for Healing & Weight Loss!

This feeling rising to the sea –  and I’m, so excited to be back in the kitchen with you today, because we’re gonna be making a delicious fully raw Green juice for healing weight, loss and energy – this is a juice that you can drink every single day to improve your health, and I promise you this, the more that you drink this juice, the more that you will crave it because it literally oxygen eise’s, your cells and it alkalizes your blood.

It is so good for you. If I can, I like to drink this juice every single day, I love my green juice, I notice differences and how I feel and how much energy that I have in my mental clarity and my skin in just the way that it glows my hair growth, everything This juice, this green juice, is life.

This juice isn’t sweet, but it is absolutely savory and it is too late for. Are you guys ready to juice it up? Let’s get started. I’m gonna be using my here on juicer for this recipe, which is the same juicer that I gave away in one of my videos last week and I’m gonna be juicing up all of these delicious greens.

When ready go ahead and run through your juicer, approximately one to two heads of kale, a half to one head of celery, depending on how salty you want this juice to be 5 to 6 leaves of romaine 1/2 to 1 whole head of spinach about 6 to 7 leaves of arugula the more you out of this, the spicier.

It will be a half to 1 head of cilantro, a small handful of basil 1 to 2 large cucumbers. Keep in mind that I’m making enough to make about 64 ounces. Of this green juice, you can adjust the quantities to fit your needs.

Once you  got all of this juiced up, run it through a strainer so that the juice will become come lately, smooth check out this beautiful giant bowl of green juice. This looks amazing, pour this into your glass jar of choice and get ready to take a sip.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present a beautiful, delicious, nutritious and healing green juice for you to enjoy a green juice. A day keeps the doctor away. I know it may be a little difficult to get used to drinking green juice every day, but I promise you that the more that you drink it, the better it will taste to you and be better.

You will feel cheers. My friends Cheers if you guys want to give this green juice a try. Please give this video a thumbs up and comment below, and let me know what your favorite green juice is as well.

You guys need more tips, tricks or recipes on how to go fully raw. Please subscribe here to flora, Christina as we have fun in the kitchen, making delicious juice together. You guys want to follow me daily.

You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. All at fully rock Christina all right, you guys, I’m gonna go and enjoy me some green juice, and I hope that you get to go and do the same.

Sending you all my hug,

What Is Green Juice

Most, if not all of us, have heard about green juice by now. Juicing has been the biggest trend in the health and wellness industry for many years. Today, everyone from wellness influencers to celebrities is talking about green juices. Juicer sales are rapidly increasing and the world has many juicers today more than ever.

Green juices have many health benefits such as enhancing detoxification as well as improving our digestive health. But, simply because many people are consuming this drink doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. Unfortunately, green juices have their fair share of drawbacks too. Keep reading this guide to learn more about these green juices and whether or not they’re right for you.

What Is Green Juice?

It is a drink from a combination of several green vegetables which have been blended down. It can contain different ingredients as long as it’s filled with many greens things. Because it mostly tastes bitter, many people flavor it with other things that are not green such as berries, kiwi, or a splash of orange juice. No matter what’s added, this juice will always end up green.

So what makes up green juice? Well, this depends on an individual’s diet and taste preferences. Most green juices, however, contain kale, spinach, romaine, and swiss chard. You can also add other non-starchy veggies like celery, cucumber, beets, etc. These combinations have high nutritional value with low sugar. Additionally, you can flavor your juice with herbs like mint, citruses such as lime and digestive support ingredients like turmeric or ginger.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Green Juice?

Drinking green juice may be one of the best things you can do for your health. According to research, these juices contain many nutrients in a bioavailable form, which means they can easily be absorbed into your bloodstream. Vegetables help balance our body pH. Since they’re alkaline, they help neutralize the acid in our stomach thus betters the health of your gut which ensures your overall wellbeing.

Aside from that, green juice has chlorophyll in high amounts. This phytonutrient increases oxygenation by removing toxins from our bodies. As such, it enhances detoxification. Also, if you want your energy levels boosted, instead of drinking caffeinated drinks, opt for green juices.

Additionally, these juices keep one hydrated hence keeping your cells healthy and this ultimately leads to possible weight loss and healthy glowing skin. Also, green juices contain many vitamins and minerals that the body needs to operate properly. For instance, spinach contains vitamin C for boosting our immunity while kale contains irons that promote the health of our blood cells.

Different Ways to Use Green Juice

The good thing about green juices is that individuals can incorporate them into any diet. Here are several ways of consuming green juice:

  • Drink green juice to start an alkaline morning or in the afternoon to boost your energy.
  • Add green juice and some fruit to clear alcohol and squeeze in some lemon and sweeter to make a healthy cocktail.
  • Use green juice as a base for smoothies. For increased nutrition, add ice, fruits, or your favorite superfoods.
  • Make a smoothie bowl using green juice and frozen bananas and add good fats like hemp seeds or coconut flakes.
  • Blend all green vegetable cleansers for optimal nutrition and detoxification.

How to Make Green Juice- Recipes to Try

Green juice should contain several ingredients to maximize its potential benefits. Include veggies like spinach, cucumber, avocado, and lettuce to provide a nutritious healthy drink. Also, sweeten up with fruit like grapes, strawberries, blueberries, etc. You can again add superfoods like a protein-rich green powder such as spirulina or chlorella which are both derived from algae. That said these are some green juice recipes to try.

  1. Super Green Juice

Ingredients for this are an apple, a cucumber, a handful of spinach leaves, squeeze of fresh lime, water for consistency, one scoop of lean greens and super greens powder.

  1. Green Goddess Juice

It’s dark green in color due to the berry ad spirulina. Ingredients are one apple, a handful of spinach leaves, blackberries and blueberries, water to create consistency and spirulina powder.

  1. Wake Up Green

This is a perfect way to start your day. Components for this juice are one pear, one stick of celery, half an avocado, milk for consistency, a handful of lettuce leaves and grapes, a teaspoon of chia seed, and chlorella powder and two dessert spoons of hemp protein powder.

These recipes can be made with a smoothie maker or a juicer. If you’ve got time, juice each ingredient that can be juiced separately, then mix all liquids together and add any powder or the superfoods we’ve listed. But, if you’re in a hurry or those who don’t have a juicer, simply cut all these into tiny pieces and mix them together and you’re good to go.

Ways to Extract Green Juice

Well, there are different machines used for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. One can use blenders, although they’re often for making smoothies, not juices. You can also use fast-spinning juice machines only that since the metal blades spin very fast. This removes a significant amount of the juice into the pulp bucket hence leaving you with very little juice.

Experts advise that you use a cold press machine to get maximum nutrient extraction. These machines extract most amounts in green vegetables while keeping all enzymes and phytonutrients intact.

Is It Okay to Drink Green Juice Daily?

Well, green juice is best when taken in the morning. But, if this is impossible for you, drink it before meals or wait a few hours after meals. This allows for fast nutrient absorption. Plus, drinking it immediately after eating can cause indigestion, fermentation, and gas.

You can drink green juice daily. But, we recommend that you limit the amount to a liter a day. Also, ensure that you drink it when it’s fresh that is within 24 hours after preparation.

Side Effects of Drinking Green Juice

  • Low fiber- extracting juice from vegetables and fruits strips off the fiber in them. And fiber is essential, especially for digestion.
  • Lightheadedness- many people rely on juices for weight loss and avoid eating solid foods. But, if you’re not getting enough calories to sustain you, you may feel dizzy.
  • Can affect the thyroid- certain vegetables like kale contain a compound that can interfere with iodine absorption which is essential for making thyroid hormones.

Final Thoughts

Green juices are healthy additions to your diet. They contain essential minerals and vitamins that our bodies need to keep functioning properly. If you’re ready to add green juices to your diet, remember to take your juice on an empty stomach so that the nutrients will be absorbed rapidly. Also, pair your juice with a vegetable-heavy salad to increase alkalinity which helps in detoxification.



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