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Boost Your Energy With This Ultimate Green Juice

Hi guys today I’m going to show a morning weight loss and detox drink. The drink will cleanse your body especially liver and help in losing up to 5 kilos and 5 days. If you remain on a healthy diet.

For the rest of the day, now let’s start making this super easy, yet effective. Drink first step is to set up your blender. Here I’m using my preval super cube blender. You can watch its review in my channel now in the blender add pieces of cucumber.

I’m using two mini cucumbers. So if you’re using a regular one, then add one cucumber: do ensure to wash it before use and don’t feed off the skin. Cucumber is low in calories high in fiber and has essential nutrients, including vitamin c and k, along with weight loss.

It also keeps your bones skin and hair strong. It detoxes your body as it is mostly water. Not only are they high in water contain, but they also contain important nutrients that play a part in hydration like magnesium and potassium cucumbers are a good source of phytonutrients, which means they have disease preventive properties.

Do you know it has a flavonoid named visit in which improves brain health, protects your cells from stress-related damage and helps you make more glutathione next ingredient is 1/3 cup of parsley, leaves parsley, is rich in vitamins and minerals like iron and potassium, as it is a natural Diuretic, it helps flush, excess fluid and reduces water retention and bloating it balances, blood sugar and reduces joint pain and swelling.

If you don’t get parsley, then either add coriander leaves also known as cilantro or mint leaves. Third ingredient is a piece of ginger: take approximately half an inch of ginger ginger promotes weight, loss lowers LDL cholesterol, balances, blood, sugar and heals inflammation.

It detox is your body by stimulating the addition and sweating. It also cleans your liver, colon and other organs. In the end, add one cup of water water can be either room-temperature or wrong. Plenties all until you get a smoothie like Dexter, it may take up to a minute, depending on your blender speed, now shift it to a cup.

Please do not strain the drink. If you get some bits and pieces, then blend more, but please do not see if the drink. You should get a consistency like this. This drink not only looks good but also tastes good.

Next, it would ask me if you can add salt to this drink, to make it more tasty and palatable. So the answer is no. This is meant to detox your body first thing in the morning. Hence, I would not recommend any kind of salt.

You need to drink the entire content empty stomach in the morning and follow this as a morning routine for five consecutive days. If you take any medications empty stomach, then follow your routine and have this drink.

Fifteen minutes later, if you wish to restart this for another five days, then give a break of three to five days. Have your breakfast at least an hour later after consuming this drink, the fiber from cucumber will keep you fuller parsley will help the floating and ginger will help in burning fat and promote detoxification process.

This drink will raise your metabolism and help burn stubborn fat at a much faster rate, which means faster, but safe weight loss do go for a fast walk for 15 minutes and then show to eat healthy for the rest of the day.

Some of you would be wanted to know. If you can have this as a bedtime weight-loss drink, then the answer is yes, you can, but this is more preferred. As a morning drink, the drink is safe for all, however, the presence of parsley or cilantro makes this drink unsafe for those with kidney disease, bleeding disorders and high blood pressure.

So I suggest them using mint leaves instead of parsley, do try the super weight-loss drink and I’m sure you’re, going to love the results.

Source : Youtube
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