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How to Make Green Juice Without a Juicer

Hi I’m Lisa and this is an appetizing life and today I’m making one of my favorite green juices. Yes, green juices are still a thing I like to use apples, cucumbers, celery, a little lime, a little bit ginger and the best thing about all this.

You can do this all in the blender you don’t need a juicer. So this is my green juice, with no juicer made in the blender time to juggle all right. So I’m gonna prep. All of this stuff we’re gonna get the cucumber sliced.

I’m, taking the skin off because I’m, not using a juicer, and I just don’t think this will taste very good blend it. Maybe I’m wrong and you can compost the skins if you want. I highly suggest that and I’m.

Just gonna cut these up a bit then process a little bit easier. Let’s, get our ginger. You can use a peeler. I like to use a spoon okay, so you don’t waste as much ginger .I’m, probably gonna use about an inch of this.

You can add more if you want, it just gets a little spicier, so that’s completely up to you, I took half of a lime and I carefully peel the skin off. Take your time with it, because otherwise, you’ll, start to get like bits and pieces.

We have some celery, they charge a fortune for celery juice. Now nobody used to think about celery. Now I saw it was like eight dollars and 49 cents somewhere, which is crazy, so make your own celery juice.

I’m, a believes in there too, and last but not least, our apples. I’m, just gonna cut top off that cut around the core chopped up . Now before I blend everything, I want to get everything in place, so we can strain it.

So I have a big bowl. I have a mesh strainer and I have some cheesecloth because I want to make sure I get it completely strained. So I’ll. Show you what I’m gonna do with that at the end. So I’m gonna add about half a cup of water in there just to give a little liquid.

The bottom I’m gonna add all of those ingredients. The apples, the celery, some celery just dropped on the floor. That’s. Okay, amber I’m gonna put the top on So I have my mesh strainer, my big bowl and I’m. Just gonna pour that in and I know it’s thick, you see there’s juice. Coming out. We’re gonna get all that juice out of there. So, with the back of a spoon getting there and all the juice out now there’s, still more juice left in this.

So I’m gonna get to cheesecloth. I don’t need this much pick where they cut a little bit of this hold on okay, I cut a little bit of this. I’m gonna pour that in there and take each of the ends and look at all that juice.

Still in there there’s still more juice. Then I’m gonna try to carefully pour this in here. Wish me luck: and there’s. Your fresh green juice. I’ve, got a little glass a little bit of ice .

I’m, not gonna wait for the tasting. Hmm very refreshing, very healthy, great way to start the morning. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. So you know every time I put out a new video which is every Friday morning, and I will see you next time here on the appetites in life.

Cheers little Baca would be getting this to just saying this is crazy. I can make it like a dress out of this. I don’t need this much hi. I’d set yeah

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