Balance hormones already within normal range and reduce yourself from frustrations and stress.

The Anti-Cancer Green Juice prevention

Hey you guys it’s Christina today we are gonna be making the fully raw anti-cancer juice. I call it my anti-cancer juice, not because I’m, claiming that it will cure cancer, but because I believe in prevention, I believe in the power of fully raw fruits and vegetables to keep our bodies.

Strong, healthy and happy disease cannot exist in an alkaline state, and this juice is one of the most alkalizing juices that you will ever consume. This juice is the strongest measure of prevention that you can take to keep you disease-free, sick, free and feeling fabulous.

It is high in calcium, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and even powerful proteins to keep you going strong, no matter what your age, no matter where you are, it will keep you smiling.

Are you ready all you’re gonna need for this? One is a juicer. I’m, going to use my Omega vert juicer. Let’s get started. You will need 2 large cucumbers, a head of spinach, a head of celery, a head of green curly kale, a head of black dinosaur, kale watercress romaine, a few dandelion leaves, and about 5 to 7 lemons.

You will also need a strainer, so when you & # 39, re ready chop up, your ingredients get them ready and let’s. Get those babies through that juicer. This juice recipe will make about 64 ounces of juice, and it calls for a lot of greens.

Greens are important because they’re extremely alpha lining and if your body is in an acidic state, this will completely bring you back to a place of balance. Alright. So when you’re ready, let’s strain this juice.

I will tell you that I do not believe in weird superfoods or health elixirs or weird types of supplementation, but I do believe that this right here is the real health tonic this. My friends, this is power mm-hmm, that’s, hydrating and refreshing and delicious.

If you like, strong tastes and green juices, this one’s for you. If you guys believe in this type of prevention, I think you should give this video a thumbs up, if you guys need more tips, tricks or recipes on how to go fully raw.

Please join me here in the kitchen at fully rock christina, as we try to have fun together and inspire the world to be a healthier place. If you guys want to follow me daily see what I’m juicing see what I’m making.

You can also follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter all out fully rock Christina all right. You guys. I’m gonna go drink, my health tonic and I hope that you go and do the same, sending you health and all of my hugs bye, whoa chugging, the green juice cutie.



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